Why Working Out As A Team is Important for Team Sports: Part 2

Working out as a team has various benefits such as increased commitment levels and consistency that are hard to attain when you workout alone.

Benchmark Theory has been training Carebears Ultimate since last year and they have found many benefits to working out as a team.

There is a big difference when you workout alone or as a team. For example, research has shown that we tend to gravitate towards the healthy actions of others. Increased motivation, encouragement and chemistry were some of the benefits of working out as a team, as seen in Part 1 of this two-part series.

Continuing the series, other members from Carebears Ultimate share about increased commitment levels and capitalisation of endorphin levels here.

Accountability - Dwayne Castañarez

Working out as a team helps hold everyone to a higher standard. - Dwayne

When I work out alone, I am only accountable to myself and sometimes it can be hard to be consistent. But when I have my team behind me, I am more determined and disciplined because I feel accountable if I miss a workout or cancel on my team.

Having the same goal also helps in sticking to an exercise regimen. When it gets tough sometimes, all I have to do is look at my team and there is a strong surge of motivation because we are all in this together.

No excuses - George Sim, 22

When I'm with my team, I make less excuses and train harder. - George

I recently went overseas to Australia to further my studies, but I still do satellite training as part of the team with Benchmark Theory. As I train alone in Australia, I find that I tend to make more excuses as to why I don't need to workout.

I could say, "I already ran that day,", "I am so tired from classes today,", "I am quite fit and missing a session won't do much damage," the list goes on. But when I am back home with my team, the excuses drop quickly as I know it is not acceptable especially when everyone else probably feels the same. The desire to make these excuses also drop and I just grind through it.

Punctuality - Joshua Chiew, 25

Having a workout buddy helps a lot in being punctual to a session. - Joshua (R)

Sometimes due to our work schedules, the team doesn't get to train together as much as they would like to. So, we have workout buddies, who have similar work schedules to ensure we get to the gym on time. My workout buddies, Ivan and Ben, also have similar benchmarks as mine, and this makes it easier for us to spot each other during tougher workouts.

In addition, we help motivate and push each other's progress when we work out together. This makes us not want to miss any workouts and ensure we get there on time so the rest would not have to wait.

Reducing stress - Eeva Chiam, 35

As age catches up, I find that working out with my younger teammates help out a lot. - Eeva

We all know exercising reduces stress, but as I grow older, I find exercising with a team reduces even more stress. Especially with my younger teammates, I have much more fun because we create fun challenges and in turn push each other further.

There is something about doing difficult workouts with my teammates and encouraging one another - you just feel that extra burst of energy. I don't think I can go as far if I did workouts alone.

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