Why Working Out as a Team is Important for Team Sports - Part 1

Play a team sport? Here are a few reasons why you should look into working out with your team.

Some of Carebears Ultimate has been training with Benchmark Theory and are keen on sharing why working out as a team is important.

If you are involved in a team sport, you would understand the importance of building chemistry with your fellow teammates. Apart from the occasional hangouts, there is an even better way to bond: Working out.

You would think playing sports together is already time well-spent, but many sports require strength and conditioning training to prevent injuries during a game. While you can do that on your own, doing it with your team is even better.

In this two-part series, some of the members of Carebears Ultimate - an ultimate team that Benchmark Theory has been training for the past year - has gladly shared their view on the importance of working out together.

Motivation -Ben Ong, 34

My teammates are very good motivators who help me achieve more than I could ever think I could. - Ben

Benchmark Theory is really good at testing our limits and sometimes the workouts can be very tough, both physically and mentally. This can be hard when you do it alone, but with the help of my teammates, I find that I can meet my fitness goals much easier.

Apart from the obvious camaraderie, there is also friendly competition between us, so that is very motivating as we keep acknowledging and challenging each other's efforts to strive for a greater team goal. This system really helps in getting rid of mental roadblocks and I feel much more motivated - despite the pain - and even look forward to sessions.

Encouragement - Billy Gan, 27

While words of encouragement help in pushing my limits, hearing it from someone in the same boat as you has a greater effect. - Billy

I definitely find myself pushing my limits more when I work out with my teammates. They have played a significant role in cultivating an environment for me to strive as they constantly provide encouragements that help me through my mental blocks.

Not to mention, BMT has also instilled a core principle in us that we are greater than who we think we are. With that, all of us heed by that principle, constantly reminding and encouraging each other to grow. I don't think that would be possible if I worked out alone.

Chemistry - Esther Ng, 27

Chemistry can be hard to build during team trainings, but when working out it's easier to do so, whilst achieving our goals. - Esther

We may have team trainings over the weekend but when we also workout as a team, it further builds teamwork, chemistry and self-confidence. This may be hard to do during team trainings as we are more focused on drills and the game itself.

BMT has helped by creating a space for us to get to know each other more during workouts and in turn build chemistry off the field. As we push each other to go beyond our limits, we learn to trust each other more by providing the support we all need. I think when you've accomplished a tough workout as a team, it's really satisfying as winning a tough game together.

Leadership & Trust - Emily Soh, 25

As Women's Captain of Carebears Ultimate, I have to lead by example and working out with my teammates really help. - Emily

As I have been assigned the role of Women's Captain, I have the responsibility of leading the team and working out with my teammates has helped shape me into a better captain. As you may have heard from the others, Benchmark Theory really stands by the hashtag #nolimits, so our workouts are indeed physically and mentally tough - especially on us women.

So, to lead the women, I push myself hard to show a good example for the rest. I also try to instill a positive vibe to grow the mental strength of the ladies, and this has translated well to in-game situations. Through these tough workouts, our morale and support for one another has grown into strong bonds of trust, and this has made my leadership much easier.

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Stay tuned for Part 2 this Thursday!

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