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You want to get fit with us, but you don't know where to start... We get it, the number of classes and packages can be confusing. Here, we explain everything!


Our classes/sessions mean that they are conducted in a group setting. There are three types of classes held throughout the week. Please contact us regarding the schedule:

Get Fit Right - Basics:

If you have no idea where to start, this is the right class for you. This class covers 4 main basic principles : weight distribution, muscle control, range of motion, and breathing. Individuals who are getting started on their fitness journey, recovering from an injury or have existing conditions that limit their range of motion, are encouraged to join. For more information or specifics, please contact us.

Get Moving - Cardio: 

This class is best for those are gearing up for marathons, dualthons or triathlons - or those who simply want to break a sweat. Depending on the day, your trainer will share with you, insights and tips on the best way to run, cycle or swim. Please contact us for more information.

Get Fast - Speed and Agility:

This class is best suited for those who are involved in sports that require short bursts of energy, sharp cuts and coordination skills. Focusing on ladder drills, running techniques and footwork, this class combines specific strength and conditioning exercises with coordination drills to boost your speed and agility. We also do team trainings at group prices - in fact we encourage team trainings to boost team chemistry. Please contact us to enquire.


Our personal workouts mean that they are conducted in an individual setting, at an agreed location. Sometimes we don't even need the gym! There are five types of workouts you can choose from:

Get Custom - Personal Goals

This is perfect for those who have something specific in mind. It may be a combination of weight loss and toning up, or burning fat and bulking up. We offer a wide range of services to cater on your needs. For further details, please contact us!

Get Strong - Core Strength

The core is essential in every workout. With a strong core, comes a better form and a stronger body. Whether you are looking to train up your core strength to prevent injuries, or simply looking to get those abs, this session is meant for you! Our trainer will develop your core strength, step-by-step, according to your progress.

Get Strong - TRX and Kettlebell

Bored of normal weight lifting or cardio workouts? Try our customised TRX & Kettle Bell workout! Different from our Core Strength session, this session focuses on movement training, correcting your movements and forms, whilst building up your strength. This reduces injuries, increase efficiency and improves your overall well-being. 

Get Toned - Muscle Toning

Not interested in bulking up, but still want to look and feel fit? This session is just for you. Incorporating a series of cardio workouts and strength training, your trainer will help expedite the fat-burning process - especially during your last stages of your weight loss journey.

Get Healthy - Weight Loss

When we say weight loss, we mean weight loss. Whether it is fat or muscle, our trainer will help you count the numbers down the scale. From nutrition to workouts, let our trainer deal with that, while you focus on loving your body by exercising and eating right!

If you are still confused at which to go for? Let us help you. Simply drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a ring at +60129021648! 


Too busy to workout? No such thing! For only RM350, our monthly online programme will ensure that your fitness goals are achievable with 30-minute workouts everyday - 45 minutes tops, we promise.


The best part? You can do these workouts from the comfort of your home! It's also hard to slack with the daily motivation our trainers provide. Additionally, you will receive nutrition tips and other ways to enhance the effects of your workouts.


Geek note: Please note that when booking this programme, you are required to select a day. That will be the starting day from which our trainer will monitor your progress on a weekly basis. The time can be disregarded.


For more details on the types of packages we offer, please head to our list of Packages


Access to premium articles and selected features (e.g. workout form videos) will require a subscription in the future. Meanwhile, click here to start reading free articles first! 

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